Another story about a felt chair: this time Peacock Chair by New York studio Dror for Italian furniture brand Cappellini.

The seat is made of three layers of felt, folded and clipped in place on a metal frame.


Here’s a little bit of text from Dror:

The Peacock Chair is created out of three single sheets of felt and a minimal metal frame. Dror is constantly challenging the construction of objects, questioning traditional systems and simplifying movements and mechanisms.

His minimalist aesthetic is shown here in the way he challenges upholstery. The folds of the felt are woven tightly to form a structured yet incredibly comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved. The intricate folding paired with the innovative method of structure create a luxurious chair that is both elegant and modern.

Posted by Zaynab D. Ziari



El diseño de esta silla en particular es sencillamente minimalista, sin embargo coincide con el hecho de poder la naturaleza de referencia así como adaptarlo hacia algo artístico y estéticamente agradable a la vista. El manejo de telas, de colores crean una obra innovadora, elegante y moderna.


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